AOS Webmail (only if you have a mail account already)

Account Specifications

EM account quota (grad students) = 1 gigabyte
EM account quota (faculty, researchers, and staff) = 2 gigabytes
E-mail attachment size limit = 35 megabytes

EM client configuration (PDF)

Apple Mail (IMAP)

Apple Mail (Exchange)

Outlook (IMAP)

Outlook (Exchange)

Thunderbird (IMAP)

Before you configure your e-mail client you will need to know your UCLA Logon ID and password (also known as your BOL username password). You can lookup your UCLA logon ID at

If you were given a temporary EM password, you will also need to change that password. Follow these steps (PDF) to change your temporary EM password.

Advanced E-mail setup

Incoming mail server:
Username: ad\Your_UCLA_Logon_ID\Your_AOS_username
(Note: some clients require forward slashes for the username)
Password: Your EM password
Port: 995 for POP, or 993 for IMAP (SSL required)

Outgoing server:
Username: Your_UCLA_Logon_ID
Password: Your_UCLA_Logon_password
Port: 465 (SSL required)

If you are unable to configure your e-mail client with the above settings, please contact Jared or Prashant to get help.

Note: Gmail users who wish to check their Atmos email via gmail use your BOL/UCLA ID for the username.

E-mail FAQs