Winter 2018

1/10/18 - Tina Chow (UC Berkeley)

1/17/18 - Kim Prather (UCSD)

1/24/18 - David Romps (UC Berkeley)

1/31/18 - Ann Marie Carlton (UCI)

2/7/17 - TBD

2/14/18 - Tapio Schneider (Caltech)

2/28/18 - TBD

3/7/18 - Kristen Davis (UCI)

3/14/18 - Lynne Talley (Scripps Institution of Oceangraphy)

Fall 2017

10/04/17- Juan Lora (UCLA), “Westerlies, Atmospheric Rivers, and Moisture Transport to North America Since the Last Glacial Maximum”

10/11/17- Alan Barreca (UCLA), "Adapting to Climate Change: The Remarkable Decline in The Health Costs of Extreme Heat Over the 20th Century”

10/18/17- Thomas Lauvaux (Penn State), "Atmospheric Inversion of Urban Greenhouse Gas Emissions”

10/25/17- Nina Bednarsek (NOAA/SCCWRP), “Using pteropod in disentangling multiple stressor effects in the California Ecosystem”

11/01/17- Ronald Kwok (NASA-JPL), “Sea ice thickness from space: Why is it so difficult?”

11/15/17- Manabu Shiraiwa (UCI), “Multiphase chemistry of organic aerosols and reactive oxygen species in the atmosphere”

11/29/17- Marianna Linz (UCLA), “The Circulation of the Stratosphere from Observations”


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